Planning Conventional Warehouses






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Kar Pri

Sector: refrigeration warehouses
Client's Name: Kar-Pri Holon Inc.
Established: 2013
Area: 2,700 sq m
Location: Holon industrial zone
Main Storage: 16 m' high Mobile racking system for pallets using VNA turret trucks.

Perrigo - Yeruham

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Client Name: Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Established: 2015
Area: 2,300 sq m
Location: Yeruham industrial zone
Main storage: 16 m' high fixed racking system for pallets using VNA turret trucks, including auxiliary facilities

Sano- Hod Hasharon

Sector: Detergents
Client Name: Sano (Bruno) Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Established: 2014
Area: 1,200 sq m
Location: Neve Ne'eman Industrial Zone Hod Hasharon
Main storage: Pallets racking system, push-back system and light storage shelves

The warehouse is a significant and essential part of every production plant for raw materials, packaging and finished products. Managing a warehouse effectively and efficiently is a direct outcome of planning that is appropriate for requirements and work processes. 

Planning a warehouse is based on the specific requirements of each facility or logistic center and this is very different to the plans for a raw materials warehouse which is to be used in production processes, or for finished products that are designated for distribution.

Rosenstock –Shippur Engineering and Logistics designs and plans warehouses always relating to those elements that differ from one sector to another, and include amongst other parameters:

Required storage capacity

Required performance (# of order line per day)

Packaging & shipping requirements

Volume and weight of the stored items

Various definitions regarding storage conditions (temperature, humidity etc.)

Shelf life and storage definitions (FIFO/ LIFO / FEFO…)


All these will impact decisions regarding the type of shelving, the transportation equipment, the layout of the aisles and placement of products.

And finally -  an integral part of planning the warehouse are the IT systems that support efficient inventory management which contribute to significant savings of time and manpower, prevent maintaining unnecessary inventory and depreciation while also avoiding shortages that may jeopardize the increase of sales.


Bottom line - planning the warehouse is the essential link in managing a profitable and successful organization and logistics centre


Rosenstock –Shippur Engineering and Logistics provides consulting services for planning the functional operation of warehouses, from the first stages of design to construction. 
The Company provides services to organizations of all sizes, small and big, global and institutional in numerous fields: security, food, pharmaceutical, spare parts, fashion, chemical industries, TPL and many others that require storage solutions, conveyers and distribution.